You Are Always Manifesting

Manifesting. I love it and I am OBSESSED about it! We are always manifesting whether we like it or not. When you know the secret behind manifesting it then becomes a fun game to play. The Universe is always responding to our thoughts whether good, bad or ugly. Obviously ugly thoughts don't bring us good things, but when we are entertaining good things we can manifest some cool stuff in our lives.

 Manifesting does not need to be hard, laborious or torture. It can be easy and effortless if we just know how the system works. Everything we are having now is a result of our past thoughts and actions or lack of for that matter. Everything we are entertaining now will lay the foundation down for the future. If we want to manifest cool stuff then we need to do post mortem on the thought systems that we have in place. Our thoughts become actions, actions become things, things become our reality. Our reality is a result of our cognitions that we are carrying.

Change your thoughts. Change your reality. Sounds too simple right? Actually it is — but it only works if we do the work. When we do the work of clearing up our crap cognitions we create space for the fun, cool things we want to show up in our life. Think of if this way: would you plant seeds for roses in a piece of land filled with weeds? Of course not! The seeds would never grow into flowers. It's the same way with us — we would not try to manifest good things on top of a garden full of weeds. First we need to do the dirty work of pulling the weeds so we can plant the seeds for the beautiful flowers to sprout.

What we verbalize, visualize and cognize is what we will manifest. We need to start with our thoughts. When we attend to our inner world our outer world will automatically reflect that reality. Like attracts like. When we clean up our core beliefs about ourselves we then become a vibrational match to whatever we want to manifest. This is a system, a process and with practice it becomes easier and easier.

When we are established in a high frequency automatically we will attract the good things in life. 

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