Sarvasmarana Ananda Nithya

Hi! I am Sarvasmarana!

 I am an Intuitive Manifestation Coach who would love to teach you how to manifest a life that lights you up. 

Just a few things of what I believe:  

I believe that our current life is a reflection of our past decisions or lack of.  Our external environment is direct mirror of what is happening inside of us.

We do not manifest what we desire. We manifest what we ‘believe.’

 I have always been obsessed with The Law of Attraction and The Power of Manifestation. I have also tried them out in my own life and the truth is they sometimes worked and did not work most of the time.

 I was determined to learn how to learn this science and was fortunate to a proven system that works which has been time tested and proven.

 This is what I am going to share with you.

 My intention is to teach you how to identify the blockages which are not allowing you to live the life of your dreams and remove them once and for all.

 You will learn how to consciously co-create with the Cosmos the reality you yearn for.

 I will share with you the Ancient Secrets which most manifesters are not aware of and why The Secret does not work.

 When you are truly aligned to your purpose you will be able to experience freedom in many areas of your life including; health, wealth, relationships and creative fulfillment.

 Welcome and look forward to meeting you!


On the spiritual side: 

I have experience in over 25 years of spiritual seeking which include psychology, various religions, self-help, New Age, healing philosophies, modalities and techniques. These are just a few things I have studied, taught and implemented in my life on my path. 

For the last 10 years I have been living in India off and on studying and teaching yoga, meditation and healing. I have received hundreds of initiations through the years including Kundalini and 3rd-eye Awakening from my Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Nithyananda Meditation University in South India. All credit goes to my Beloved Guru who has taught me everything I know about the Science of Mastering Your Mind and your reality through these Ancient Vedic Teachings. This science is sourced from the Vedic Tradition of India the Shiva Agamas which date back 63 billion years. 

On the human side:

I have completed my Life Coaching Certificate at the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, California and Become A Money Making Coach from the lovely Amanda Frances. 


What type of clients I work with and take:

People who want to work on thier mindset from limiting cognitions to liberating cognitions. 

Areas of life can be:

People who want master thier mindset and manifest wealth


People who want to leave thier 9-5 jobs and become ENTREPRENEURS. Those who want to do heartfelt and creative work


People who want master thier mindset around success and business