How To Consciously Create The Life You Desire, The Life You Dream Of

 Nicolas Raymond/FLICKR

Nicolas Raymond/FLICKR

Hi! My name is Sarvasmarana (you can call me Sarva) and I am extremely passionate about spirituality, transformation and conscious manifesting.

I believe that we manifest our reality whether that be good, bad or ugly. I know this may be hard for some people to accept (but stay with me) I have to say I believe it because I have tested it out in my own life and it's proven to be true. We do manifest our reality. Every single thing we are having in our life is because we manifested it, either consciously or unconsciously. Unfortunately, most of us are unconsciously manifesting things we do want in our life.

When The Secret came out years ago I immediately became obsessed with the Law of Attraction. I devoured every single book I could get my hands on and started to practice it. What I found was I could manifest small things like free coffee (who doesn't love free coffee!), meals here and there but I could not manifest large things (like copious amounts of money or great opportunities, etc.) and surely not consistently. I immediately developed doubts about the system so there became my intense search for the Truth. That took my seeking to a whole new level and I landed up in India again and again. There is where I learned many esoteric things and one of them being the science of manifestation from the Vedic Culture.

Everything we are having in our life is a result of our thought currents. What we have in life is what we believe not what we desire and this is where The Secret failed. It did not address our underlying core beliefs about ourselves. It is within ourselves is where everything is created and manifested.

1% is what happens to us and 99% is how we perceive what happens. The Universe responds to our core beliefs about ourselves, life and others. If we change our thoughts we can literally change our lives. It's just an inside job—let me show you how to do it. If it's working for me it can also work for you. The Secret already lies within you. You just need to know how to access the code. 

                 Come join me on this journey!