Wealthy Lotus

No mud. No lotus.


Wealth Consciousness

KRIYAS MeditationSarvasmarana Ananda Ma NithyaComment

“Darkness is the fulfillment energy, the creative energy, from which you took birth.” ~Paramahamsa Nithyananda

When the mere utterance of the the words wealth, money, prosperity or abundance are brought up all sorts of things can come up for us. For some of us it may be positive and others it may be negative. Through conditioning or accumulated engrams guilt might be might be an unconscious thread in our concepts of wealth. There have been many misconceptions that having money is a sin when in all actuality the real sin is the guilt. Guilt can be an impediment to our spiritual growth. Guilt has absolute no value, it is simply evaluating our past actions and decisions with our updated intelligence. We might be feeling guilty for having wealth and guilt for not having it as well. Either way we loose. If Existence is intelligence and we are a reflection of Existence then therefore we are one and the same, there is no difference. We are continuously creating whether it be consciously or unconsciously. Our wealth can be equated to the life energy we are expressing. The more life energy we have the more we are creating in the terms of wealth. If wealth is not expressing in us then we have the wrong understanding about life therefore our actions will not be focused. If Source or Hiranyagarbha (Cosmic Womb) is intelligence and we are a representation of that which exists then we can manifest any idea therefore it will become a reality. The benefits of awakening the kundalini shakti is whatever thought, word or deed that is presented while having a kundalini experience will manifest. eN Kriya is the vehicle to awaken our kundalini shakti and unleash our unlimited and hidden potential. eN Kriya is a technique which purifies our entire system by removing engrams and creating tremendous energy in us to be utilized in the highest possible coherence. Thus we become co-creators with Existence and imbibe the ultimate wealth consciousness. Real wealth is the ability to achieve what we want in the inner and outer world. When we emphasize our focus on the inner world then we start reaping the benefits in the outer world and automatically wealth starts expressing itself through us. Laxmi starts showering. When we know the science of manifestation is is called lila (Divine play). Wealth is like a current and only when it is flowing it can be considered wealth.