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She Never Gave Up {Poem}

Hope, Faith, Inspiration, Spiritual JourneySarvasmarana Ananda Ma NithyaComment

She never gave up. 

Even when everyone else did. 

Even when she was lost, broke and destitute. 

Even when her heart was broken, crushed and destroyed. 

Even when she was abandoned, rejected and ignored. 

Even when things did not go her way. 

Even when she was lonely, scared and afraid. 

Even in the darkest of nights. 

Even when there was no path in sight. 

Even when she cried and no one came. 

Even when her world came crashing down. 

Even when no one was there. 

Even when she didn’t feel loved. 

Even when she was going against the grid and standing alone. 

Even against the odds. 

Even in the bleakest, obscure moments. 

Even when she was hopeless and confused. 

Even when everyone was against her. 

Even when life smacked her down. 

Even when she was discouraged. 

Even when she failed again and again. 

Even when she felt beaten. 

Even when things seemed impossible. 

Even when she was told it wouldn’t work. 

Even when all sense of security seemed to be ripped away. 

Even when it seemed like life was not on her side. 

Even when she didn’t know how things would end up. 

  She never gave up on herself.

When the Shift Hits the Fan. ~

Breakthrough, Completion, Enlightenment, Ego, EXPANSION, FEAR, Loss, Self RealizationSarvasmarana Ananda Ma NithyaComment

“The place where nothing works is where everything works.” ~ Adyashanti

When the spiritual two-by-four hits us over the head, it’s time to wake up.

It’s a Divine wake up call for us to transform and heal our life.

Spiritual awakening never comes at a convenient time in life. It always comes at the most inconvenient and most inappropriate time. Life does not wait for us when she wants to wake us up. When she hits us over the head we have no choice but to wake up. Sometimes we get blind sided and don’t know what hit us, but this is the only way she can get our attention. Something drastic has to happen.