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21 Day Shuddhadvaitam Program With Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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Today is day 1 of the Shuddhadvaitam Program which is 21 days with His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, my beloved Guru and Master. Thousands of devotees and disciples gather from all corners of the world to be initiated into over 70 Siddhis or mystical yogic powers during this auspicious time and space of the Simhasta Kumbh Mela where all the planets and energy of the Divine support the awakening of higher states of consciousness and enlightenment.

eN Kriya to Awaken the Kundalini

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The awakening of kundalini on ones’ own can can be a very difficult path. Attempting various yogic and religious practices can require austerity and a lot of self discipline. Not to mention when trying to awaken kundalini on your own it can take years just to prepare the body and mind for the happening. Living in today’s world we need a technique or a vehicle that is suitable and adaptable for our modern day lifestyle. The ancient rishi’s or sages from the tantric tradition have developed a series of practices that can be applied to every type of aspirant wanting to obtain kundalini awakening regardless of lifestyle, habits and belief systems. Kriya yoga is the most simple and practical way for the modern individual to awaken the kundalini without a confrontation of the mind. Let’s just say this method can be  a smooth and uncomplicated transition to awaken to super consciousness. When practicing kriya yoga it does not awaken with such an alarming force. She wakes up like a noble queen, she takes her time. Before getting up she will open her eyes, look here and there, left and right, then pull the sheet up over her head and doze off again. After some time she will open her eyes, stretch her body then go back to dozing. Each time she looks around she says “ hmmm, so this is what it looks like to be awakening” then off back to sleep. As your own awakening occurs nothing can be consistent. One day you may feel great with lot’s of energy and the next you may feel low. Some days everything may seem extraordinary and others you think it’s all useless. Sometimes you have a strong appetite for food and other times it may not be there at all. Your sleep patterns may also be inconsistent, you may able to thrive on little hours of sleep or you may want to do nothing but sleep. You may have symptoms of awakening and reversion off and on. Kriya yoga does not create an explosive awakening it occurs in a very mild and controllable manner. Kriya yoga can be a relative risk free method of expanding your awareness and awakening the non- mechanical parts of your brain. In practicing kriya yoga you are not trying to harness the mind through suppression. Suppression of the mind can be dangerous. The mind can be a bridge to reach Existence not a barrier. It can be a useful servant if approached in the right manner. Kriya yoga can take you beyond the mind in it’s own way and own time. In a way the evolution of your consciousness takes place without your mind even knowing it!

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is rare Avatar from India living amongst us today and sharing the Sacred Secrets that the ancient rishis or sages have been utilizing to elevate and awaken our consciousness. Today, Nithyananda is currently the most watched spiritual master on Youtube, and the bestselling author of over 200 books in 26 languages. Nithyananda has developed a unique method to take human consciousness into Super Consciousness through the eN Effect by awakening the kundalini and spreading across globally transmitting healing, peace and bliss. eN Kriya is the vehicle which can assist you in elevating your consciousness and transcending negativity and obstacles in you being. When the kundalini is awakened it literally rejuvenates and restructures every cell in your body. The non-mechanical parts of your brain awaken, new strands of DNA are activated and the mitochondria cell is flooded with tremendous energy. The result of this is extraordinary health, healing, restoration of internal organs, and anti aging just to name a few. The benefits of awakened kundalini are immeasurable. Many people are even experiencing levitation which is a by-product of this powerful energy. Levitation occurs when the samana (which is another subtle form or prana,  life force) is balanced. When the consciousness is raised the body becomes very light therefore levitation occurs. Bliss and creativity are just a  few more perks that accommodate kundalini awakening. eN Kriya can be the mechanism to awaken your hidden potential and live the life your were meant to live!