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I AM Pure Frequency Deck

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We are Divine beings have a human experience. The thing is most of us forget that. We are much more powerful than we know. Sometimes we forget and get lost that is why I created the I AM Pure Frequency Deck to remind you of your Divinity. 

The I AM Pure Frequency Deck is here to help you remember and affirm that you hold the same power of Source in which you are created from. 

By affirming your Divinity and the words you speak to yourself you are literally rewiring your brain with new and powerful cognitions. 

By changing your thoughts you change your reality.

Are you a coach, therapist, yoga instructor, entrepreneur or self help junkie?

Then these cards are for you!

These fun cards can be used by coaches to give to your clients as bonuses, gifts or incentives. 

Yoga teachers you can use the I AM Pure Frequency Deck as prompts for your students or as themes for your classes. 

Or you can post these cards all over your desk or give to random strangers. You can get as creative as you like!

Click the link below to get yours now!