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Divine Downloads Deck Product Launch ~ Self Help Tools To Awaken Your Intuition

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I am so excited to share this quick video/vlog today with you to introduce my new product. The Divine Downloads Deck. This deck is the first of many products I am creating. I am currently creating products, books, courses and coaching packages based on spiritual content. 

These cards are channeled words that I received as downloads actually a few years ago and decided to put them into cards so they can remind us just how powerful we are. I have always been obsessed with affirmations and the impact of positive words on our life. I use them constantly to uplift my vibration and reprogram my brain.

Each of us has an infinite source of wisdom dwelling inside of our Being. It’s a place where our soul speaks to us through gentle whispers, inclinations and synchronicities. It’s our own inner GPS system. It always knows the way. We just need to listen.

This inner wisdom is your guiding light that always has complete clarity and guidance. It always knows what to do.

The Divine Downloads Deck (48 cards) is here to help you access your own inner wisdom and take action from that space. When we change our thoughts and words we are literally rewiring our brain to higher frequencies which help to manifest what we desire in life. 

If you are a coach, yoga instructor, therapist, self help junkie or just someone who wants to remember just how powerful you are.

Then these cards are for you!


Click the link below to order yours today!