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Letting Go of Fantasies and Embracing Your True Self

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Fantasies Identity Ego Transformation Life Coaching Spiritual Life Coach Blind Spots   

Fantasies Identity Ego Transformation Life Coaching Spiritual Life Coach Blind Spots


Let’s talk about fantasies. Fantasies can apply when we are trying to be something we are not. For years I did and sometimes I still catch myself falling into the old pattern of trying to be like someone or something that I am not. 

When we get caught up in fantasies we are denying our one true Self. Our unique Divine Soul which is not like another in this Multiverse. Every being has unique DNA and karma to fulfill. Wasting time in fantasies trying to be like others only denies our true essence. You cannot compare your 1st chapter to someone else’s 20th chapter or their role they play in life. Each individual has unique lessons to learn on this path called life. 

I can tell you from personal experience when I was deeply caught up in fantasies on how my life should be it only cause tremendous pain and disappointment. Only when I started accepted myself for who I am, my good qualities and not so good is when I felt a liberating sense of freedom.

Freedom is being unabashedly you. 

When you are on the spiritual path layer by layer of false ego gets shed. As we shed it we actually go through a mourning period. We are mourning our old identity which is no longer needed. When they layers get peeled back we are faced with who we really are. We need to trust that we do not need our ego to guide us anymore we can be lead by our Soul. 

The more you honor yourself the more others will too. Stand up and honor your path that only you can carve out.