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Your Intuition Always Knows the Way

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Passion Intuition Manifest Your Reality The Law of Attraction Life Coach

Passion Intuition Manifest Your Reality The Law of Attraction Life Coach

Our Soul is always speaking to us in the form on our intuition, our inner voice. For some that voice is very loud or very subtle. This voice can also be visceral, a deep heavy feeling in our body. When you ’know’ something to be true, you just KNOW. 

Maybe you are stuck in a job you are dissatisfied with or just feel there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing. That dissatisfaction is your Soul guiding you in a new direction. If you listen to it. It will lead you to a life that is beyond your wildest imagination. 

Our Soul is our own internal GPS system. It KNOWS the path to our highest calling. 

The things that hold us back from achieving our dreams are blindspots, disguised as deep rooted fears. Ultimately fear is an illusion by the mind. The mind creates the illusion of fear to keep our ego ‘safe.’ Safe from getting hurt. The ego wants to keep us in our comfort zone to protect us from danger. 

Expansion does not happen when we are imprisoned by fear hiding out in our comfort zone.

In order to achieve our dreams we need to boldly and courageously conquer fear head on. There is no other way. The good news is plenty of people have done it and you can too. 

Do you need help with discovering your blindspots so that you can follow your internal GPS system and manifest a life you are madly in love with?

I have decided to reduce my coaching packages to make them more affordable for people. Coaching should not break someone’s bank after all we are all trying to liberate ourselves from restricting and self sabotaging beliefs so we can live a life we love. 

I also a believe that is does not need to take forever to bust through these limiting beliefs and you need to be in coaching forever. 4 Sessions is adequately enough. The style I use along with 3rd healing will heal the core issues and eliminate them forever. This is not like psychotherapy where you may need a long time to get to core of your beliefs. This is energy medicine to heal and eradicate the blindspots that restrict us from manifesting our desired reality. Once they are gone they are gone. 

BONUS: With one coaching package you will get one 1 FREE HEALING SESSION to discover your blindspot that is blocking you from manifesting your reality. 

Now is the time to stay living the life you were meant to. 

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When we love life, life loves us back.