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Break Free From Family Karma

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There is something called ‘unconscious karma’ and if we are not aware of it we can easily fall into its trap which results in living a ‘default life.’ 🎥

Karma is a hangover from the past sitting in the present and affecting (disrupting) our future. It’s like an unconscious programing (inner software) that is playing in the backdrop of our life. 😫

There are many types of karma but for this purpose this ‘unconscious inheritance’ is like ‘borrowed karma.’ It is karma that we are born into, pick up and subscribe to as if it’s own own. 🤔

The biggest karma we pick up is thought currents about ourselves, life, others, money, self image, health, etc. For example let’s say there is a family history of diabetes and early on we subscribe to the that thought current that my grandma had it, so did my mom so now I must also have it. NO. We don’t have to pick up anything we don’t want to. 👊


We don’t need to follow in the same footsteps as our parents, ancestors or what so called society expects of us. 👣


We can break free 💯 from our family lineage of karma.🚫


One of the main things I work with people is revamping their mindset on creating and generating wealth. Most of our thought currents were generated as children which were taken on by our parents, care takers or those closest to us at that time. Like one baton passed on to the next and we did not even question why we picked it up. 💤


At that age we did not have the maturity to formulate our own healthy cognitions about wealth creation. The experiences we are living now, what we are having now is a result of default unconscious inheritance; thus karma. 🚸

If you are at that stage in your life where you want to break free from limiting beliefs about wealth then the good news is you subscribed to them in the past — you can now ‘unsubscribe’ to them now and create and generate new thought currents on a wealthy mindset. Your net worth is reflection on your inner worth. 🔍🙋

👉Click on the link for coaching on how to revamp you wealth mindset. You can change your karma. 💸💡💵