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Your Client Is YOU

Wealth, The Law of AttractionSarvasmarana Ananda Ma NithyaComment

I work a lot with coaches who are feeling stuck in their business and want to identify what is blocking them from creating reality they desire which is success. 

The simplest and most straight forward answer I can give is life is your mirror. This is how you can tell where you are in your life and business by the people around you. 

This is just an examples of what I get all of the time. 

  • I have no clients.
  • My client always backs out. 
  • They cannot afford coaching.
  • They complain all the time and don’t do the work.
  • They are broke.

These are just a few common examples I see people struggling with in their business. 

The key to success in business and in life is to do the inner work—because it’s the way The Law of Attraction works. You attract what you are a vibration for. 

In the above examples of some common things coaches/entrepreneurs struggle with however, the same rule applies when you are in a high vibrational state. You attract good things! 

When you align your beliefs to they you want you attract that. The manifestation happens on it’s own with out much effort on your part. 🕉

🌟Pro Tip: Your client is reflecting back to you where you need to grow.