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You Will Be Too Much for Some People — Those Are Not Your People

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 * Warning deep post ahead:

I have been told numerous times that I am “too deep.”

I have been even asked if I can ‘tone it down.’  WTF?!?! Really!?!? How can I ‘tone myself’ down? Reminds me of a kundalini experience I had during a yoga class one—Isn’t that why we practice yoga? But I will save that story for some other time.

When it coms to being “too deep” I don’t know how to be anything else other than that. It’s just me, who I am and always have been and will always continue to be. Ever since I was a kid (Indigio child) all I can remember is being deep—always observing and questioning human behavior and life. Why were people’s lives a certain way and do we have the power and control over our reality and destiny? All these questions I had as a kid. I was born a seeker and will continue to be.
I always has a personal relationship with God and questioned society and this so called reality. I was always a rebel and probably always will be, but one thing I cannot be is surface level or superficial. I just can’t. It goes against my nature.

I wanted to know about God, our life purpose, human behavior, why we do what we do, how our mind and body works and how can we create the reality we truly love?

If all this is “too deep” for some people then great we are not a fit but I am not going to stop being “too deep’ to accommodate others fears. I will continue to question reality and manifesting the life I was born to live.

Always be you no matter what. What you have to share is perfect for those who are seeking. Not everyone is going to get you and that is ok be true to you.