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Is It Spiritual to Be Wealthy? Can You Have Both?

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 Money is not good or bad it is just a neutral resource to get us what we want in life. However, wealth/money whenever we hear these words most of us get triggered in some way or another. It is actually one of those taboo subjects along the lines of sex, religion and politics. If we dare bring up the topic in front of others we can be sure someone is going to have something strong to say about it. The topic of money either brings up stress, fear, worry, anxiety, guilt, confusion, etc. It also is one of those things that we are either loving, hating, obsessing, chasing, hoarding, rejecting or whatever, but most of us have some kind of dysfunctional relationship with money when we really admit it. It’s kind of like the pink elephant in the room that everyone sees but does not want to talk about it. I know for myself it surely was one of those topics you never talk about— you just adopt what your parents, society and those around you thought about money as your own belief system without giving it a second thought. It was only until the last couple of years that I realized that we have an actual relationship with money just like we do with our friends, family members, co-workers, etc. Yes a real living relationship with! When I discovered this I was determined to dig in as to why I was not generated it like I wanted to in my life. I wanted to know what was blocking the flow from coming to me easily and how could I create more of it in my life. 

After a lot of spiritual work on myself it was revealed to me that money/wealth was just a reflection of me and how I thought about myself, life and others. There is no separation between us and Existence. Actually if we are not generating money then that means there is something wrong. Being spiritual means being fully balanced in all areas of our life. If we are having inner wealth then automatically outer wealth will shower on us. Wealth is a by product of inner richness. If generating wealth is a problem with us it could very well be a spiritual problem, how we feel about ourselves. 

Everything in this Universe is run under Cosmic laws and that is the Law of Attraction, like attract likes. What we are available for shows up in our life whether that be good, bad or ugly. If I was not available for money or thinking I was worth it then surely I would not be a match for it to come and visit me. The way the Law of Attraction works is this; we manifest what we BELIEVE not what we desire. So on a surface level we may ‘desire’ money but on a deep, deep unconscious level we do not BELIEVE that we can have it, are worthy of it or whatever thought current we are carrying. Those core beliefs are blindspots which are restricting our cash flow and allowing it into our life. The core beliefs are like the Mayor of our City which is our life, they do all the dictating— not our conscious mind like we think. Yes, we can create anything we desire through consciousness however, the inner work needs to be addressed first. For the longest time I was doing this completely backwards; I was doing external actions but not generating results and could not understand why or what was going wrong. Then I understood that we have to address the ‘blindspots’ that are blocking us from manifesting our desired reality. 

The first step is to identity the blindspots that are lurking in our unconscious mind and bring them to the forefront. We have to dig deep and do the inner work. This can be done through journalling, taking with a friend or hiring a coach to help us uncover them. When it comes to money so many of us are carrying a lot painful cognitions related to it and those need to be addressed. I always share with people just try and imagine a water hose where the water is running, it you tie a big knot in the middle the water will not be able to pass through. It is the same when it comes to manifest money or wealth. We need to remove the blockage so that the flow can pass through. When the blockage is removed it opens up so much space and movement for conscious creation. 

One of the biggest and most common blindspots I have seen in people is not feeling ‘worthy’ of having money and there is a lot of guilt and shame related to it. Believe it or not but most of us do not feel worthy to have money or wealth.For myself I found this to be a undercurrent thread in my life, I did not believe I could have wanted I wanted in my life. This negative, self limiting belief I was carrying was the foundation in which I was having in my life, it was the blueprint in which I was functioning from. When I discovered this was when the healing between money and myself began. 

In a nutshell wealth is just a reflection of how we think and feel about ourselves. If we are not having wealth the way we want in our life then we just need to address and heal how we are thinking and feeling about ourselves. This will start the process of healing and get us moving more in the direction that we want.

Our self worth determines our net worth. When we truly feel worthy on the inside then we will be worthy on the outside. The Universe is always co-conspiring to help us manifest our reality. It will always give us what we are available for. Having wealth and spirituality can and do co-exist together there is no separation between us and Existence. All we need to do is just change our cognition we are carrying about money and wealth and the Universe will shower on us.