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How to Utilize Jealousy to Your Advantage and Uplevel Your Life

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If you are a human being then there are likely chances that you have felt jealous or envious in one way or another. For all of us it will be for different reasons. Jealousy and comparison is a low vibration and it can turned around and used in positive manner to upgrade our life. 

We are unique and not another human being has our same blueprint, karma or DNA. God is an artist not an engineer, we were not mass produces. We all have unique talents and gifts to offer to the world. If we are experiencing jealousy of someone it is a great indicator that we can also be successful at what they are doing also. 🕉

It is an indicator that it is a part that has not expressed by you yet.

They are only reflecting back the possibility back to you. 🌚

Instead of engaging in a low vibration emotion use that energy to work on yourself and manifest what you want in your own life. 

Turn the energy around to work for you instead of against you. Use it as a fuel and motivation to change your own life. 

When you use that energy towards yourself in a positive way you will see you will fall in love with you.

When you fall in love with you others will also naturally fall in love with you. 💜💓🕉

Celebrate other peoples success as they are just a reflection of you! 🙋🕉