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Lakshmi Puja: A Powerful Process to Come Out of Debt and Manifest Wealth

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There are so many techniques, methods, programs, books you name it to come out of debt. Heck, people even create businesses on how to conquer debt and create wealth. Obtaining wealth can be quite an elusive concept for most especially if you are not having it. 

Debt can be an insidious self- sabotaging mechanism to stop us in our own tracks from manifesting wealth. We don’t manifest what we desire, we manifest with we believe— what we cognize as ourselves and life. We may be desiring wealth (what we think as consciously) but unconsciously we may feel unworthy to receive wealth. We don’t manifest wealth no matter how hard we try because deep down inside we are unconsciously committed to feeling unworthiness. 

Guess what? The unconscious commitment we are giving to ourselves is going to make sure we manifest that—no matter how much we think we ‘desire’ wealth. 

Many of us have unconscious, underlying commitments to feeling ‘unworthy’ due to childhood programing. We formulate our self- identify based on the imaginary opinions of others; parents, relatives, teachers, friends and society. We pick up and adopt false cognitions about ourselves, life, money, health, relationships, etc. take them on as our own andreproduce them in our own life. For example; your parents ‘struggled’ to make ends meet and you always has a taste for nice things. Your parents only bought you cheap things, so you formulated an unconscious cognition about yourself that you are ‘not worthy’ of having nice things and you should also struggle with finances to honor the family commitment and fit into the structure. In order to fulfill that unconscious commitment we put our self-worth into the hands of other people. 

So how do we come out of self-sabotaging debt and create wealth we desire? By uncovering our ‘blind spots.’ Blind spots are the unconscious thought cognitions we are carrying about ourselves and self-worth. They need to be exposed to the light so that they can be eradicated once and for all. They are like weeds contaminating the beautiful garden of flowers that we want to grow. The flowers will not grow with the poisonous weeds infiltrating the garden. Our inner space is the same exact thing. Nothing can grow or manifest until the blind spots are exposed to the light. 

Lakshmi Puja is process my Guru has given us as a method to expose the blind spots, come out of debt and create wealth manifestation. I have been doing it religiously for the past 10 days and I can tell you it truly is the most easiest and powerful process I have ever experienced. All you have to is: look at your bank statement before going to sleep at night. That’s it! Sounds too simple right? Simple but paramount. It will instantly bring up your blinds spots for you to examine and complete with. 

If you are like me I avoid such a thing like looking at my bank statement, because it causes too much pain and I like to avoid pain at all costs. So the 1st step is always the hardest, but after doing it unremittingly one by one the blinds spots, unconscious commitments and false beliefs will rise up to the surface to be released once and for all. 

So I can honestly say that some huge shifts have occurred to me internally of how I feel worthy or not to receive wealth and start my own business. Before embarking on this nightly ritual I was stuck and paralyzed by own own doing—in fear unable to move in the direction of my dreams and purpose. Not only is it blasting my blind spots but giving me tremendous clarity on my life purpose. All the confusion is just melting away. 

Day by day I am taking small baby steps (even to write this blog post) and I can see my internal space being liberated from the illusory shackles I have been confining myself to. One by one they are falling to the ground. When you work on your internal space your external environment automatically shifts to reflect that. It’s always an inside job. 

Be strong and courageously face your blinds spots head on and you will see they were all imaginary ghosts just trying to scare you into playing small. You were not meant to play small. You are designed for greatness.

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