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21 Day Shuddhadvaitam Program With Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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4th May, 2016- 1st Day of Shuddhadvaitam Program at Nithyananda Peetham, Ujjain Aadheenam, Simhasta Kumbh Mela 2016. 

Today is day 1 of the Shuddhadvaitam Program which is 21 days with His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, my beloved Guru and Master. Thousands of devotees and disciples gather from all corners of the world to be initiated into over 70 Siddhis or mystical yogic powers during this auspicious time and space of the Simhasta Kumbh Mela where all the planets and energy of the Divine support the awakening of higher states of consciousness and enlightenment. This all took place in the auspicious place of Ujjain where Lord Shiva himself delivered the Agamas to the Sapta Rishi's. The very ground is sacred and radiating Divine energy for all beings to absorb and radiate. 

The camp is beautifully decorated with a large A/C hall accommodating over 5,000 participants, men and women’s separate dorms, private cottages, Galleria, 2 large dinning halls (one for the participants and one for the general public (Annalaya) where thousands of free food is distributed 24/7), free medical camp and a large, beautifully decorated full temple with 108 adorned energized deities. Homas and pujas are conducted by ordained priests and Balasants daily energizing the entire camp with Divine blessings. 


The program kicked off with the Grand Darshan of Sadashiva Himself! Participants waited in much anticipation of the first Divine glimpse of Swamiji as the music and smoke were in full effect as the curtain opened revealing His long, shinning, black Shiva jattas, silver trishul and sparkling eyes full of love and bliss ready to radiate to each and every one of us. 


The whole room was exploding with kundalini energy and bliss. The darshan seemed to go on forever and all participants did not want it to end as time stood still as all were in ecstasy. During the special darshan Swamiji initiated all participants into 3rd-eye awakening and kundalini shakti. 

After the explosive Grand Darshan all participants got together in their regional sangha groups to participate in Teamily exercises to create the space of Advaita to set the tone for the program. 

Later that evening we had more initiations with Swamiji into the 7 powers of 3rd-eye awakening which include; the ability to scan other’s bodies and internal organs, ability to see beyond obstacles, telescopic vision, ability to see from a distance, and the ability to see one’s thought currents and emotions. 

After the powerful initiations it is imperative to practice and implement these powers to instill them strongly into our new muscle memory so we had a Manifesting Your Powers session with Ma Mahayogananda who is the Mahant (team leader) of the Yogic Sciences Department. Ma Mahayoga is expressing a multitude of siddhis and yogic powers as she conducts ongoing training sessions and demonstrations live around the world. 

The evening ended around 3am as we all had a jam packed, exciting bliss filled day. Our next session starts at 5 am for yoga.

Every day all participants are to practice the spiritual sadhana (spiritual routine), which includes: 5am yoga, 7am Guru Puja/Shiva Puja then daily satsang. 

Day 2: May 5, 2016 - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Hosts Bandara at Nithyananda Peetham

Swamiji hosts a bandana (meal) for all the chief officials of Maha Nirvani Akhada and sadhus at our Nithyananda Camp. This is a great tradition to honor all of the dignitary leaders of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. 


After the Bandara we have a session with Swamiji where we were to write write down what it is that we wanted in our new muscle- memory. We could literally re-program to whatever we want. For example; if we want to have high energy and live off minimal sleep and food, have a yogic body, download new languages, write poetry or download Cosmic knowledge, etc. the choice was ours and we were to write our wish list what we wanted to newly express in ourselves. After writing our list Swamiji initiated us in the Shivoham Process using sound to activate our new muscle memory to express these new yogic powers. 


May 6 2016, Day 3 - Shiva Deeksha (Level 2) Initiation

Shiva Deeksha is when the Aham (I AM) become Shivoham ( I am Shiva). This initiation is directly from Lord Mahadeva in the Agamas, which reveal the lifestyle of Shiva devotees to live in the state of a Jeevan Muktha (liberated being). The Guru (Swamiji) awakens our kundalini and gives us the right to express our Godliness. This initiation is called Shiva Deeksha. 

During the initiation a mantra is given directly from the Kamika Agamas, expressed from Mahadeva himself. This mantra is bolted into our system as bio-energy to awaken us to our highest potential. As per tradition we are given a Rudraksha mala, basma (vibhutti sacred ash) bag, and puja kit. The Rudraksha mala is directly touching the Vishuddhi Chakra (throat center) with the energized mantra continuously repeating throughout our system. This Shakti is so powerful that it awakens the DNA in your very family and community that you live in. With this DNA being awakened—knowledge, wisdom, clarity, completion and fulfillment start expressing in you. 

Each participant was also given an Atma Linga which is a replica of the Cosmic DNA. It is a spatika lingam representing Lord Shiva and the Sri Chakra engraved in in symbolizing the Cosmic Mother. Together the two are representative of our own atma (soul). When given by the Guru it is considered highly auspicious and as per the Kamika Agama it is only given once in a lifetime. This atma linga is energized and blessed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda and can be used to heal ourselves, others and perform miracles. 

May 7 2016 - Day 4 - Shivoham Process

We had Teamily exercises and Manifesting Your Powers Sessions as well as a Shivoham Process with Swamiji as we put our atma linga's on our 3rd-eye's for initiation. 

May 8 2016- Day 5 -Shivoham Process

We had Manifesting Your Powers sessions, prepared for the upcoming Shahi Shan, the evening ended with a Shivoham process with Swamij using sound as we put our atma linga's on our 3rd-eye. 

We had to meet at 1am as a group to walk to the Shirpa River to take our dip. Most participants had the opportunity to start expressing their newly imbided muscle-memory and go beyond sleep. 

9 May 2016, Day 6 - Shahi Shan and Shivoham Process

The Nithyananda Sangha from all over the world meets at 1am and proceeds to walk approximately 3 miles to the Holy Shipra River to wash away lifetimes of karma. It is believed when one takes a dip in the holy river all sins and karmas are washed away. It is even more highly auspicious when and Incarnation such as Paramahamsa Nithyananda enters the water, because they energize the water forever for all beings to be cleansed of their karma. 

Snaan means showering your inner and outer space with completion. 5000 years before Vedic Rishis established that water has memory. When thousands of enlightened masters stand in that water, it becomes nectar forever. Fears are completed and leave your system when you enter that water. Desires are fulfilled and patterns are burnt away; new Kundalini Energy awakens in your system.
-His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

After the energizing snan we all came back to our camp and had another initiation with Swamiji to awaken the Sarashara Chakra (crown center) which will give us the ability to visualize complex situations, verbalize, internalize and digest any concept. This initiation was done through a Shivoham process using sound. 

10 May 2016, Day 7 - Levitation Initiation and Samskara Dharana Kriya

We had a powerful initiation into the power of psychological and physical levitation. The by-products of these profound initiations are the awakened qualities of bliss and being free of patterns (samskaras). Maybe people who had never experienced such strong kundalini awakening along with levitation experienced it for the very first time. 

One week we have completed and now Swamiji is going to strengthen us for the next level of initiations and in order to do that we must also prepare by doing some internal work. Samskara Dharana Kriya is a power process to cleanse and remove many painful patterns and samskaras we have been holding onto in life. This process involves writing down all your painful memories as if you are telling a story, then vocalize it to at least 5 other people. This process literally melts down loads of painful memories and traumas we have been suppressing which have not been allowing us to expand and life joyfully. 

After the Samskara Dharana Kriya there was a homa (fire ritual)  for Subramania to help all the participants to complete with the past and prepare for the next level of initiations.

Swamiji gifts all the participants the new release of the Sarvajnapeetha book which is the Think Tank of Hinduism. This book clearly maps out the vision for Paramahamsa Nithyananda's global vision to spread Sanatana Hindu Dharma and the Vedic Sciences of Enlightenment. 

11 May, 2016 - Day 8 - Shuddhadvaita Process and Swamiji accepts Guru Murdi's

Jam packed day filled with initiations, practice and darshan. Started out with Manifesting Your Powers Session practicing 3rd-eye reading, another initiation into levitation and samana balancing. Then Swamiji accepted the Guru Murdi's (coconuts with rice symbolizing the seekers ego) from participants which they brought from their countries and then Swamiji so graciously accepted any gifts from his devotees and disciples. 

After the darshan we gathered as Teamily's and did a Create Other's Reality Process. 

12 May 2016, Day 9 - Mandala Initiation and Kalabhairava Darshan

Today we all sat in the Sri Chakra Mandala (DNA of the Cosmos) and Swamiji gave us a powerful Kalabhairava darshan and initiation. For many participants this was the first Kalabhairava darshan and many had tremendous spiritual experiences and healing of their inner and outer world. 

In the afternoon we had a Teamily process on how we were going to actively cause other's reality with a solid plan in check. When you cause other's reality, automatically your reality gets caused. 

13 May 2016, Day 10 - Mandala Process - Shivoham Process

Today we had 4 powerful sessions/initiations with Swamiji which lasted until after 1am. All participants assembled and sat inside of the Sri Chakra Mandala (DNA of the Cosmos) with Swamiji sitting in the center as the Bindu (Point of Nectar). Swamiji initiation all of us into Sri Vidya and the Shodashi mantra. The Shodashi is a 16 syllable bija (seed) mantra which is considered to be the highest grace given by the guru. The guru only gives this mantra when he/she believes their disciple is ready for moksha (liberation) and for the union with Shiva to take place. The mantra originates from the Sadashiva Sampradaya sourced from the Agamas, 11th Sri Vidya initiation. 

We had 3 more Shivoham Process's with Swamiji, Manifesting Your Powers Session and a Teamily group meeting. After dinner from 11pm-12am we reconvienied back with Swamiji to have another unique initiation where Swamiji was to appear in our dream and give darshan (Divine sight). The initiation was to occur from 1-3 am in order for it to take place properly. However, most of the participants were very sleepy after a day full of intense process's and Swamij said we were all too tired and needed to be awake initially for it to take place appropriately. Since we were all very sleepy Swamiji said he would initiate us the next day. All the participants went back to their dorms and slept to get up for 5am yoga. 

14 May 2016, Day 11 - Silence and Unclutching Initiations and 3rd-eye Meditations

We had two 3rd-eye meditations where we meditated on Swamiji's 3rd eye to awaken the kundalini energy to see beyond seeing. Then we had a Manifesting Your Powers session with Ma Mahayoga to practice remote viewing and body scanning. We then had 2 power initiations with Swamiji where he used silence and unclutching as the technique to transmit energy. Swamiji says; when silence and unclutching is used—the very bone marrow gets churned on the deepest layer. 

To top off the evening we met with our Teamily and practiced our newly imbibed spiritual powers. 

15 May 2016, Day 12- Mandala and Silence and Unclutching Initiations 

We started out the day with a Manifesting Your Powers Session with our Teamily's. Then we had 2 powerful silence and unclutching sessions with Swamiji. We then had an enlivening and enlightening questions and answers session where Swamiji answered the participants questions. In the evening was a Chandi Homa (for the Divine Mother) and all participants attended. After the homa we all got ready to leave to have darshan of Lord Shiva at the Mahakaleshwar Temple. The Mahakaleshwar Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingams, which is considered the most sacred abode of Lord Shiva. Swamiji was going to be honored as a special guest and performing arthi (light to offer devotion) to the jyotirlingam and all participants could witness. Participants were to meet and leave the camp at 1am to have darshan around 3am. It was a sleepless night for most as we got to utilize our newly initiated yogic powers. 

16 May 2016, Day 13 - Mahakaleshwar Temple - Shivoham Process 

The morning started at 1am as all the Shuddhadvaitam participants gathered and walked to the Mahakaleshwar Temple to get darshan of Lord Shiva and witness Swamiji perform arthi (devotion). After the temple visit participants had Manifesting Your Powers session on Finding Your Thought Currents and Other's Thought Currents. It was another powerful session and 2 Teamily members partnered up and using their 3rd-eye looking into the other persons thought current. It was a very profound and healing session for all of the participants. Then we had 2 Shivoham Process's with Swamiji. 

17 May 2016, Day 14 - Teamily Causing Day - Manifesting Your Powers Sessions

Swamiji conducted a special all day sessions for the hundreds of devotees and disciples who took the responsibility to volunteer for the entire program. These volunteers cooked, served free food (Annalaya) for the participants and public, and a 'Survival Team' which worked around the clock 24/7 to ensure all the participants were safe by providing security and daily camp maintenance.  In addition to these teams there was also a free medical camp where doctors and nurses were attending to the public and participants around the clock. These participants took on selfless service (seva) to ensure everyone who entered Nithyananda Peetham was safe, feed and happy. The volunteers who took on such responsibility did not participant in any of the sessions or initiations with Swamiji, so out of his love he dedicated to spend the entire day with all of them so that they too can enjoy his presence, energy and initiations. Swamiji initiated them into the Sri Chakra Mandala, Kundalini Awakening, 3rd-eye awakening, levitation, 7 powers of 3rd-eye awakening, Shodashi, and many more. The volunteers also got to enjoy traditional dance Bharatanatyam being performed. 

The rest of the Shuddhavaitam participants spent the whole day having 'Causing' Other's Reality's and Manifesting Your Powers Sessions.

18 May 2016, Day 15 - Global Sangha Meeting and Shivoham Sessions

The day started out with a Global Sangha Meeting and Swamiji emphasizing the importance of sangha and to be a part of it. Swamiji defines 'sangha'— "Purpose of sangha is live, radiate living enlightenment, my core teaching in the practical form of authenticity, integrity, responsibility, and enriching". Sangha is spiritual support and helps you to expand and reach your highest possibilities for the greatest good of all. Later Teamily's gathered for Causing Other's Reality Sessions and Manifesting Your Powers Sessions. We also had 2 Shivoham Process's with Swamiji to end the day. 

19 May 2016, Day 16 - Sangha Re-Organization Meeting and Shivoham Process's

Today we spent the whole day re-organizing the sangha, Teamily meetings and had 2 Shivoham sessions with Swamiji. 

20 May 2016, Day 17 - Manifesting Your Powers Session and Pratyaksha Pada Puja

The day started out with participants practicing their newly initiated siddhis with Manifesting Yours Powers sessions. The many blessed participants got to partake in the most awaited Pratkyaksha Pada Puja (an offering of gratitude and devotion to Swamiji). Over 100 participants got to offer their gratitude to Swamiji through puja and sitting at his holy feet. After the Pratkyaksha Pada Puja the participants had darshan and a 20 minute arthi (light to offer devotion) to Swamiji. 

21 May 2016, Day 18 - Purnima Mukhya Shahi Snan Main Royal Bath, Pratyaksha Pada Puja, Sannyas, Aadheenam Vasi and Srimahant and Mahant Pattabhishekam Initiations

The day started out with all the participants gathering early at 1am to walk to the Kshipra River for the Purnima Mukhya Shahi Snan Main Royal Bath. This snan (holy dip) falls on the most auspicious time of Purnima (full moon day) and the peak of Cosmic energy according to Vedic Astrology. Along with this being Purnima, it also falls on the exact same day Swamiji had his final and permanent experience into enlightenment 16 years ago at the age of 22 years old. 

After the Pratyaksha Pada Puja Swamiji gave Sannyas, Aadhenam Vasi (residents at Bengaluru Aadhenam) as well as Srimahant and Mahant Pattabhishekam Initiations all on this highly auspicious day. 

22 May 2016, Day 19 - Sri Chakra Initiation and Public Darshan For All

The day started out with 2 powerful Sri Chakra Mandala initiations with Swamiji as he used sound as the medium for energy transmission to all the participants. 

After the initiations Swamiji held a public darshan for all of Ujjain to attend. Over 10,000 people from all over Ujjain and Northern India have come to the Nithyananda Peetham camp just to get a glimpse of Paramahamsa Nithyananda  and have his blessings. People waiting in line for hours for healing, blessings and a smile from Swamiji. 

23 May 2016, Day 20 - Ashta Karma (8 Actions), Shivoham Initiations and 

The day started out with Teamily's gathering today for a Causing Your Reality Session with amazing breakthroughs from the participants. 

Then Swamiji initiated the participants into Ashta Karma (8 Actions). These actions when multiplied by 8 element (total 64 powers) one is able to master one's self and manipulate their reality to cause whatever they desire. When these powers are fully awakened one can play with multiply dimensions and all possibilities can open up. The Ashta Karma originates from Mahadeva Himself in the Shiva Jnana Upanishads, Agamas. 

The participants had 2 more Shivoham initiations with Swamiji as he used silence and unclutching to bolt the entire Shuddhavaitam experience into our system. The evening ended with Swamiji performing Tirujnanasambandar Puja (enlightened child saint from Tamil Nadu). 

24 May 2016, Day 21- Tulabarum, Kanakabhishekam, Pushpabhishekam, Pratyaksha Pada Puja, Kotari Initiation, Bandara with Srimahants and Mahants and final Darshan

This was the last and final day of The Shuddhavaitam Program for all of the participants and it was filled with Vedic rituals which will be recorded in history for centuries to come. 

The day started out with one last Causing Others' Reality session then everyone got ready for an afternoon filled with lot's of celebrations on the final day of the program. 

Participants got to offer Tulabarum (offering of gold) to Swamiji equal to his weight. This ritual has not been done in history since the time of Sri Krishna. It is considered to be highly auspicious for the guru to accept such an offer and all participants receive many blessings from such act of gratitude and devotion. After the Tulabarum, Swamiji accepted Kanakabhishekam - showering of gold, which is traditionally performed in the Hindu tradition at very special occasions.  "Kanak" means gold and is considered the most satvik (pure) form of metal which is why it has the ability to get programmed and hold divine energy. All participants were allowed to offer gold to Swamiji as per the tradition. 

Then next grand celebration was the Pushpabhishekam where the Srimahants and Mahants of Nithyananda Order got to shower Swamiji with rose petals as an offering of gratitude, love and devotion. It was beautiful sight to be seen!

After Pushpabhishekam participants had to the chance to offer Pratyaksha Pada Puja to Swamiji in observance of gratitude to the Master. 

Next was bandara (meal) for the Srimahants and Mahants of Nithyananda Order which followed with the Kothari initiation. 

Next came the much anticipated and final darshan by Swamiji for all the participants at the end of the program. The darshan started way after midnight and ended around 4am with each and every participant receiving blessings from Swamiji. 

The Shuddhadvaitam Program comes to a close after the last and final darshan. It was the largest program ever conducted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda with more than 5,000 participants at one time in one place. It was held in the most auspicious time, place and Master for the awakening of humanity on a mass global scale. All of this was given freely by the grace of Swamiji to all participants of the Shuddhadvaitam Program with accommodations, food, medical care, initiations and sessions. When one being becomes enlightened he or she is equivalent to 10,000 people and has the impact to neutralize the negative effects of millions of unconscious people. Swamiji's mission is spread and share enlightenment to all of humanity with all of those who are ready to receive. 

Those of who attended The Shuddhavaitam Program are immensely grateful to Swamiji for all that he shared with all of us. Many of us had profound spiritual experiences, breakthroughs, healing and transformation on deep seated levels. The seeds have been planted for all of us, now is the time we all radiate these great gifts Swamij shared will all of humanity. 

In deep gratitude to you Dear Swamij, Thank you. 

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