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Dvanda Vigna 2nd Day Breakup and The Importance of Brahma Muhurta

Sarvasmarana Ananda Ma NithyaComment
“Your seeking is complete and powerful enough to put you in the space of your seeking, without any assistance, external help or other support. Your seeking is independently, intelligent enough without the assistance of technique, support, any other external measures to give you, to make you experience what you are seeking.”  Paramahamsa Nithyananda

This weekend Swamiji has given us the the spiritual assignment to practice getting up daily between 4:30am and 6:00am for Brahma Muhurta to visualize a new reality for what we want to manifest in life. 

Brahma Muhurta (it literally means “The Creator’s Hour) is 1.5 hours before dawn and is a highly auspicious time to wake up and do sadhana (spiritual practices). It is the time when the impressions of the mind are very low and we can visualize and manifest whatever we want in our life. This is the space where we can literally play with our consciousness and create the reality we wish. According to Vedanta this is the time when we are the most satvic (pure and peaceful)— thus it is the ideal time to reflect, internalize and do spiritual practices. It is the period to develop and enhance more satvic qualities in us by infusing positive seeds of intention. 

The visualization could be anything; if we want health, wealth, relationships or enlightenment itself, this is the time to visualize it exactly how we want it. Swamiji says the material in which consists of our waking and dream state is the same and we have the capacity to manipulate, change and transform it as we wish. We have the power over our lucid dream state and by being awake at this time we can visualize what we want—we can make it into reality. 

With any new personal or spiritual practice we start with great inspiration, enthusiasm and vigor. For instance we want to start a new yoga or exercise practice we always have high hopes and intentions for ourselves. The first few days we get up early and go to the gym or do our yoga practice only to give up a few days later and drop the whole thing. When we don’t stay integrated to the commitment we give ourselves and give up, it is called dvanda vigna or the 2nd day breakup as Swamiji calls it. The 2nd day breakup is something we all know very well, as he is our closest friend. We may not know the word, but we know the concept very well. Whatever we start today we will not do it the 2nd or 3rd day. We just drop the whole thing due to impossibility patterns, which are lurking in our unconscious mind. We ‘breakup’ with the whole idea that it is even possible for us. We think it may work for him or her but it will not work for me.  Sometimes we even start comparing ourselves with others; saying others have less toxins then us— our body is too full of them and it will not work for us. We will come up with a thousand reasons why it is not possible for us and we break up with our spiritual practice, dvanda vigna. Swamiji says; “Your strong beliefs in failures attracts failures—you can change it”. We are the source of everything that is happening in and around us. 

The moment we decide something is impossible the seed of possibilitygets burnt. The seeds of initiation Swamiji plants in us just die and can never sprout again. However, we have the power to to decide and declare; “there is no question of impossibility— my seeking is powerful enough to make me experience the space I am seeking without any external support, mental help or intelligence input.” Swamiji says just this one click is so powerful that it can destroy any obstacles that we create. Just meditating on this one click is enough to make our spiritual sadhana (spiritual practice) inspiring without any impossibilities. 

Our spiritual practice does not always have to hard and laborious, it can be light and liberating to the degree that we wish. If our thought currents produce energy and excitement then our sadhana is always exciting, joyful and beautiful. Same goes for a negative thought current we may be entertaining; if we keep on producing impossibility, which rooted in SDHD (self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial) then our spiritual practice becomes tiresome and long.

In this video Swamiji gives a personal example from his life when his guru had him mediate on the 15th verse of the Isavaya Upanishad: “Your seeking is capable enough of making you experience the space you are seeking without any external help, assistance, or input, by just its own intelligence.”  

Swamiji elaborates when this truth clicked with him thousands of dvanda vignas were dropped. He goes on to say; when the dvanda vignas are broken the path becomes very exciting and short. The path is only long when we create hurdles for ourselves. We do this by engaging in ‘impossibility patterns’. 

Swamiji says if this one truth can click with us then the 70 powers in which he is going to initiate during the Kumbh Mela will become our experience. If we can grasp this one click it is enough for us to experience the space of Adavaita and it’s powers. 

Reference: The Master Keys to Seeking & LSP Session for IA Grads