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16 Things I have Lost and Still Survived

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The law of life is whatever we fear of loosing, it will be taken away from us. The more fear we have of loosing something; the quicker it gets removed and the more desperate we become to hold on to it. 

Whenever things are taken away from us it is only an external reflection of the internal changes happening inside of us. It is only our perception evolving. It is a gift given to from Cosmos. There are no accidents, everything is consciously delivered to us. Life is a precise surgeon and knows what is best for our evolution and existence. If we try to stop the perception of change it like committing spiritual suicide. Life is not sadistic, it is not punishing us. It is only asking us to ‘re-invent’ ourselves. 

When something is taken away from us we don’t need to become powerless, collapse or depressed. All we need to do is remember life has tremendous love and compassion for us. It is only giving us a ‘wake up’ call. 

So the next time something is taken away from you, just pick yourself up off of the floor and use it as an opportunity to emerge from the ashes to rise like the Phoenix and let life celebrate through you! 

16 Things I have Lost and Still Survived:

1) Living in my gurus physical presence

2) My dad

3) My cat

4) A boyfriend

5) Friends

6) Jobs

7) Business’

8) Ideas/projects

9) Goals and carefully laid out plans

10) Hopes/dreams/fantasies

11) Lifestyles 

12) Money

13) Title & status

14) My youth

15) Self hatred

16) My identity

What is your list of things, people and situations you have lost? Write them down and reflect. Chances are you even forgot they were a part of your life. Not only did you forget but you emerged a much stronger and wiser person because of it.