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Ending an Old Chapter

letting go, India, new chapterSarvasmarana Ananda Ma NithyaComment

Another chapter in my life is ending. I am leaving India back to the USA after 1.5 year living here and I feel Like I have lived and completed at least 4 lifetimes.

Mother India I am truly grateful for all the amazing experiences, opportunities and special people I have met along the way, too many to even begin. 

I have evolved and transformed so much that I do not even recognize who I am or what is next. Now will be the time to integrate and radiate the beautiful lessons I have learned. 

I have let go of so many things, these just to name a few:

expectations, attachments, identities, illusions, luxuries, fantasy, beliefs, negative thought currents, possessions, guilt, control, SDHD, the past, perfectionism, karma and the journey continues……….

I really do believe India is a magical, mystical, Independent Cosmic energy to cleanse you of your karmic patterns. It’s like being in the lap of the Divine Mother as she patiently works with you to evolve you to the next level with love, compassion and fortitude. She shows you that every moment is an opportunity to fully re-invent yourself, un-clutch and let go of what is no longer serving you.

Thank Mother India until next time!!!