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Create For the Sake of Creating

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"The Universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt to uncover those jewels--that's creative living. The courage to go on that hunt in the first place--that's what separates a mundane existence from a more enchanted one." Big Magic ~ Creative Living Beyond Fear ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

I have just started reading this book and just reading itself if magic! If you are an artist or a writer this book is a must. It's packed with empowering, creative ammunition to live the life you always dreampt about. She is saying that we are all creative, the fact that we even exist is proof that we are creative beings. Creative living is a path for the brave and when courage dies, creativity dies right along with it. We need to be brave to avoid remaining small. The treasures buried withing us are just waiting for us to say YES!!! 

A creative life is an amplified life, a life filled with wonder and joy. Our creativity is gift from the Creator to the Creator. All we need to do is just start doing it. Doing it for the sake of doing it. Doing it for fun. Do it because you love it. Don't do it for an expected outcome or for others. Do it for you! And if you fail or get rejected 'so what'! Pick yourself up off of the floor and keep at it. Keep creating, keep flowing and never stop believing in yourself

When you are creating you are in communion with Cosmos. Life is too short to play small. Go BIG!