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A Spiritual Perspective on a Veg vs. Non-Veg Diet. ~

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The debate of vegetarian versus non-vegetarian has long divided people.

There are many reasons why one should not to consume meat for example, ethical, environmental and health sensibility, etc. However, there are many positive ones why one should consider a vegetarian lifestyle.

Here are just a few things that are strictly from a spiritual perspective:

The entire universe is made up of three basic components:

Sattva—Spiritual purity and knowledge
Raja—Action and passion
Tama—Ignorance and inertia

Non-veg food is tamas predominantly and creates and attracts high negative energy.

Veg food is satvic predominant and when we eat vegetables we absorb the Divine energy.

Consuming vegetarian food is more conducive for optimal functioning of the body, mind and spirit. It helps reduce the tamas component in our body and increase the satva component and a person gets more inclined towards