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How to Overcome the Fear of 'Sucking'

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I don’t know about you, but any time I start something new this creepy feeling of fear kicks in and I don’t’ like it, but it’s time to overcome it in a big way. Most of us are aware that fear is just a false perception, it has absolutely no base in reality it’s just a figment of our imagination. Just like the boogie man who lives under the bed, but not really. Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real. But why does it feel real?

Fear is rooted in so many false beliefs. Fear of sucking, fear of being rejected, fear of looking like a fool, fear of not being liked or ridiculed, fear of not being qualified, fear of failure, fear of success and I am sure there are many more that I am not even mentioning. All these fears keep us in bondage, imprisoned in our lives all the while they are depleting the very life force out of us and diminishing our light.

Whether you are an artist, writer, dancer, musician, teacher, comedian, etc. allowing yourself to come out of the closet can be a scary thing. There you are exposed for the whole world to see, cellulite, warts, zits and all. This can make one feel vulnerable. Allow your self to be transparent and exposed for the whole world to see.

We keep ourselves stuck in thinking we are not enough. We allow our self to believe we don't have enough experience, knowledge or training. In most cases these are all lies we tell ourselves to keep us in bondage to our limiting thoughts and belief systems. We keep entertaining these postponing techniques to keep us from ever making a move towards our dreams and desires. 

 What if they don’t like you, what if you are criticized, or judged?

 Who cares. The only thing that is getting offended is the ego and we don’t need it anyway. We don’t need to be liked. We don’t need the approval of others, the emotional support or the social ‘likes’. We only need our own approval, our own Self acceptance and our own Self love.

 Our ego has 4 identities or aspects to it. They are masks that we wear and show to the world. The first one is the Mamakaara (Sanskrit) this is how we feel about our self which is usually lower than what we are. The second is the Ahamkaara and that is what we project out into the world to cover up the Mamakaara and this is usually higher than what we are at the moment. The third is the Swa-Anyakaara and that is how we see others and life. The fourth is the Anyakaara and that is how others see us. When one or all of these are out of alignment we not living in reality we are living in a false reality which is based in an illusionary aspect of our self. The best and quickest way to bring all of these in alignment is to work on the Mamakaara how we feel about our self and that is to raise our self to who we really are and that is a unique being. There is no out there that is exactly like you. No one has the special, unique talents and abilities that you have. The world needs your gifts, your expressions, and your imprint on humanity to make a difference.

If you feel there is too much competition out there and there are too many people sharing a similar message, take into consideration there are billions of people out there and even if you reach out and inspire even just one soul your job is done. You came here to do what you are meant to do and that is to serve others.

The only competition you are facing is with your self, your own inner critic that can be your worst enemy, as you may well know.

No one can express and share what you have to say the way you have to say it or sing it.

Not expressing yourself feels like betrayal of the Self. You know deep down inside your are lying to yourself and others. You are not living an authentic life.  This is spiritual suicide. The pain of not using our unrecognized potential become to great to bear.

If we want to grow and expand we have to face our fears, face the boogie man under the bed. Be willing to be vulnerable and naked in front of the whole world to see. Having the courage to really be yourself and letting yourself shine no matter what. Finding your unique voice. Be willing to show your ‘dark side’ to others. Your pain, your struggles, your so called perceived failures can all help someone out who is going through the very same exact thing you just survived. When we shine we silently give others the permission to radiate their uniqueness as well.

Whenever we first start something we feel like we are not ready because we don’t have years of experience but we all have to start somewhere and now is the time.

If we focus on excuses as to why is not the right time we will only attract more and more excuses as to why we cannot start now. We will find excuses and reasons to confirm this belief. 

The more we stay in our comfort zone the more we contract and shrink in life. When you shrink you stunt your growth and stifle your creativity.

We all have the choice to either shrink and constrict or expand. Expansion involves taking risks and being willing to feel like a fraud in the beginning. Every one has to start somewhere. Even all the great masters and big influential personalities of our times had to overcome fear, failure, rejections and obstacles on their path. Great beings are not born they are made. 

We need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable this is how we flourish. No doubt there will be growing pains but we can surpass them just by taking continuous action.

Don’t waste time in just dreaming about it; start taking actions regardless of the outcome. Keep going and don't give up on yourself. Stop sitting in the side -lines and letting life pass you by, jump in the game and start playing.

You have heard the phrase fake it until you make it I am changing it to 'conscious faking it until you make it’. That is the difference. We just need to stop believing all the self-limiting lies we have been telling our self and tap into our true being.  

Enjoy the process and journey as you learn something new. Allow yourself to get past the learning curve. This is the only way self-confidence is built by putting one foot in front of the other. Look at this experience as an adventure. An adventure deep into your Soul’s capacity and brilliance.

Be brave and be willing to be like the ‘fool’ in the tarot deck and leap into the unknown.

He represents a new beginning, spontaneity and innocence. The depiction in the card is of a young man stepping off of a cliff into the unknown and unforeseen escape with all its risky undertakings.  

The fool can be depicted as being foolish and naive but in my opinion he is one of the best cards. He shows the highest potential for your life, reaching a state of renewal, and new beginnings, where each day is adventure and each moment is lived to the fullest.

So go ahead and step off the ledge. You just may be surprised you do know how to fly. Your soul is yearning to create and express itself. When we step into our being, Cosmos expresses itself through our creativity then magic happens.