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Conversations With The Ego

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My job is to destroy you. 

Crush you. 

Deflate you. 

Exhaust you. 

Tell you what a looser you are. 

How pathetic you are.

 How you will never make it. 

You aren’t worthy.

 Nobody loves you.

 Nobody cares about you. 

You are on your own.

 You don’t deserve good things.

 You deserve to suffer. 

You deserve to struggle.

To extinguish your life force. 

 You can’t do it. 

You don’t know how. 

To control you. 

It’s impossible. 

Why bother? 

To strip you of your dignity.

To guilt you into shame and despair. 

 To stifle you. 

Make you shrink. 

Embarrass you. 

Weaken you.

To torture you.

To laugh at you. 

To deceive you. 

Make you powerless.

To suck the life out of you. 

Berate you.

Belittle you.

Taunt you.

 Tell you that you are not good enough, strong enough, or smart enough. 

To make you forget who you are.

It’s my job to keep you in maya (illusion) at all costs. 


This was divulged one evening while I was doing the Swa-Poortva Kriya.

Here is the link: http://nithyanandatimes.org/are-you-complete-with-you/

As this conversation delivered itself it reminded me of this song from The Rolling Stones "Sympathy For The Devil". The words nicely depict the deception our ego and how it is the only enemy within.