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Are You Suffering From FOMO (fear of missing out)?

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Are You Suffering From FOMO Phobia?

 Today I was forced to face my FOMO (fear of missing out) phobia. Last night my battery adapter to my computer blew a gasket, thus resulting in no computer. My first response was immediate panic and despair. What am I going to do without my computer for 12 hours? Holy crickey.

 I am so addicted to my computer and the internet. It has become my best friend and has replaced real live people with social interactions.


 Now a day we don't even need to leave our couch to connect to anybody, anywhere around the world. All we need is an Internet connection and that's it we are up and running.


Not having a computer for 12 hours has had me seriously ponder my addiction to the internet. I seriously did not know what I was going to do. Read a book? Oh yea, I used to do that back in the old days. Now everything I read is online on my computer. Even all my writing is done electronically. I even forgot how to write by hand. Now that is pathetic. I realized just how lazy I was to write this post by hand. It feels so old school to me.

This all came to me this morning while I was doing my yoga practice (in silence) I don't even do that anymore because either I am listening to a podcast on how to do something or music.


Today I pulled The Hermit card from the tarot deck and he is all about going within, soul searching and meditation. It's about the need for solitude and introspection. Being attuned to the spiritual dimensions of the Universe. A time to reunite with Source.


For about 3 months now I have put myself on a Facebook fast. Specifically, for a few reasons, one I like to call is 'social media procrastination'. These days I am really working on my time management and doing my best to utilize my time in being as productive as possible in manifesting my dreams. I already have a serious issue with procrastination (the destroyer of creativity) and afraid of adding Facebook to the mix, sure does not help me out. I found that when I did indulge daily in Facebook I got sucked into the vortex and an hour of my life was gone.

On top of it I feel pretty bad afterwards because I start comparing my life to others, which does not empower me. To add to the mix Facebook can be addicting and a lot of 'Facebragging' goes on which seem to get my chakras in a ruffle so I avoid.


 Is the root of FOMO really just loneliness? Loneliness feels like an emptiness, a vacuum inside which cannot be filled. So we reach outside of ourselves to connect through others. Whether that is physically, on the phone or through social media. Technology has supplied us with many devices to make sure it's easily accessible. Now a days we have iPad's, iPhone's, tv’s, and  wi-fi everywhere. We are constantly checking emails, status updates, and sending text messages.

Some of us spend the whole day connecting but somehow it does not reduce the loneliness we feel inside. When we are empty we use technology to dissipate the feeling of loneliness. It's the modern day drug addiction.


 Even when we travel our flights are assured we have plenty of entertainment to keep us busy. There are plenty of movies, games, music, internet readily available and if that is not enough I am pretty sure the person next to your will happily tell you their life story.


We are afraid to sit with ourselves, to sit with all our internal ghosts and demons. All these devices are just distractions so we do not have to communicate with ourselves. In daily life we are disconnected with ourselves so how can we then connect with others. Despite all the various modes of communication we continue to feel lonely and empty.


  So the revelation is to apply the hermits message and go within and live authentically to our being. The resources, joy, self-love and approval would be putting us in the state of completion or poortva and there would be no sense of lack. 

All of this realized from a simple fried battery adapter cord. I just love how even the smallest apparent misfortune can bear sure insightful fruit. Everything is an opportunity to look inward. Nothing is to be missing ALL is within.








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