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Say "YES" to Life Meditation

Sarvasmarana Ananda Ma NithyaComment



This simple meditation can change our energy and help us to create the reality we want. Most of are creating on a ‘default system’ that stems from our unconscious thought patterns based on fear and resistance. If we will notice, most of the time we say ‘no’ to almost everything that comes our way. This is our automatic response system. Without even thinking about it we blurt out ‘no’ and refuse anything new. This causes our energy to diminish and to block any new opportunities from entering into our life. When we say ‘no’ it somehow gives us a sense of power or control. It gives a solid feeling to our personality our ego image that we are trying to uphold. Saying ‘yes’ makes the ego feel inferior, subservient to someone else.


 If we say ‘yes’ we feel powerless and not in control. It makes us feel vulnerable and exposed. We think we are protecting ourselves but really we are only hindering our growth and progress. This technique will change how we relate with life and others to create more positive experiences and relationships.


To do this meditation decide for the next twenty-four hours that we will say ‘yes’ to every situation that comes our way. Watch with awareness how the automatic ‘no’ wants to jump in and take precedence. Watch how the body literally contracts and shrinks when saying no. When we say ‘yes’ we will feel our body expand and we will feel light.


Practice this for twenty-four hours to get in the groove then you can extend for another twenty-four hours, then three days, then one week and before we know it we are saying ‘yes’ to every aspect of our life. We will feel our being soften and melt, we will experience a new ease within our self. Others will also feel that we are a much softer and open person with whom they can approach. When we say ‘yes’ to life, life says ‘yes’ to us and this is where miracles are created.

 Meditation taken from The Living Enlightenment book by Paramahamsa Nithyananda