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Satsang Living in the Company of Truth

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Satsang is the thread of yogic and spiritual life for the sadhaka or seeker. Sat means ‘truth’ and sang means ‘association’. Together it means association of truth or in the company of truth. In the highest definition it means living in complete awareness of the truth with one’s being, being fully submerged in every action and incident in life. Satsang also means where seekers of truth gather in the presence of their guru, spiritual teacher, sage, yogi or saint. Participating in a satsang can bring about conscious and unconscious  changes in your being. It can inspire you, change your attitude and open up new vistas and horizons that you were unable to see before. You may even see new meaning and potential in you life. Your life starts to take on a whole new perspective with all sorts of promising avenues. You might think how can this happen just sitting in the company of other seekers? Well, it is the energy vibrations of guru or sage that work on a much more subtle level. He or she is psychic battery or energy transformer that directly transform your psychic battery and being. If you are just receptive these changes will take place whether you are aware of it or not. Just by false beliefs and conditioning our mind has a tendency to remain stuck in ruts or negative patterns. These are compared to ‘knots’ in your being and these knots cannot be removed by ourselves. In order to overcome these belief systems we need the aid of sage or wise one who is capable of taking us beyond these limited concepts we carry about ourselves. Simply just sitting in the presence of the Master or sage can be enough. Sometimes he or she will say something significant or insignificant or even they may not say anything at all it may just take one look and something in our being just registers without our knowledge. All the sudden our mind is shaken into a new reality and we start to take on new directions in our life. Satsangs have been recording since the beginning of time. Some of the sages were Scorates, Christ, Krishna of the battlefield with Arjuna and Buddha have all been known to conduct satsang. One of my favorites is Valmiki the author of Ramayana he in my opinion is an excellent example of transformation. Before his enlightenment he was a highway robber. One day when he was hiding in the jungle a sage by the name of Narada was passing through at this moment Valmiki approached him to rob him. Narada immediately engaged in conversation with Valimiki questioning his motives. Valmiki was not a spiritual person and was a pessimist he had all sorts of doubts. Through a course of time it was one statement that Narada said to Valmiki that changed his whole life thus he became enlightened. When we attend satsang even if there are parts of our being which are resistant there is a part also which is thirsting for the truth that is beyond our logic or comprehension. When we start communing with the deeper layers of our being we become in tune with a force which is higher than our self. Our consciousness expands and everything becomes a beautiful communion.