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5 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

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Yoga is an ancient of science that has existed since time immoral which was first mentioned approximately 5,000 years ago in the Rig Veda. The Rig Veda is ancient text containing yoga, mantras, rituals and techniques. People of the modern day in age have adopted yoga as a daily means to incorporate more peace, joy and health into their life. 

Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘yoke’ the individuals mind with the Supreme (where humanity and nature can be one with the higher consciousness of the Cosmos.) Yoga is a physical practice that is done to unites ones’s consciousness with the Cosmic consciousness. Yogaasanas(postures) were adopted and practiced by the ancient Rishis (sages) in order to prepare their body to sit in meditation. 

“Yogai s the journey of the self, to the Self, through the Self”. ~ The Bhagavad Gitā

Here are 5 ways doing yoga daily can benefit your life:

1. Connects you to your Source

Doing yoga asanas is a way you can connect to your Source. It is a very intimate practice between your mind, body and spirit. For many people doing yoga itself is a form of moving meditation for them. Through awareness and doing the asanas the practitioner focuses their attention on their breath. By moving the body with awareness and conscious breath this gives the benefit of mind, body integration and a greater connection to Source. 

2. Improves flexibility

A common complaint amongst people is back, knee or hip pain. Pain is the body’s way of getting our attention. Most often pain is from a lack of movement and tight muscles. Yoga eliminates muscle atrophy, strengthens muscles, improves flexibility and lubricates the joints. Asanas increase blood flow, circulation and prana (life energy) flow throughout the body. 

3. Reduces stress 

Yoga has been proven to reduce cortisol in the body which is responsible for feeling stressed, irritable, moody, overwhelmed and on edge. By breathing consciously while doing asanas it can reduce hypertension, blood pressure and the heart rate. It encourages you to slow down, relax and focus your thoughts on the present. Stress is when the system is in the flight of flight response (sympathetic nervous system). The benefit of doing yoga is that is puts the body into the rest and digest (parasympathetic system) mode. They whole body system relaxes. 

4. Eliminate anxiety and depression 

Anxiety and depression stems from excessive thoughts, feelings or emotions which are ruminating on the past or the future. Breath is the bridge between the body and the mind. When one slows down and focuses on the breath, it increases more awareness to the present moment. By being aware of your thoughts you can reduce them and choose focus on the present moment. Yoga helps to release deep holding patterns caused by excessive thoughts and establish a sense of balance and equilibrium throughout the whole being. 

5. Improve sleep and relaxation 

One out of 3 people experience or have experienced insomnia at one point in their life. Unfortunately, lot’s of people are suffering from chronic insomnia due to a stressful lifestyle. Adequate rest is essential to rejuvenate and heal the body and immune system daily. If one does not sleep properly it can affect one’s physical and psychological well being. Yoga reduces the stress response, fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system) and puts the body into rest and digest (parasympathetic system) state. It completely unwinds the nervous system by increasing blood flow to the brain’s sleep center and releasing essential hormones for the body to relax and sleep. Yoga has also been proven to improve the quality of sleep by reducing the time to fall asleep, amount of times waking up during the night and by allowing you to get good deep sleep.

For many people around the world yoga provides relief to a busy and chaotic lifestyle. The benefits for practicing yoga are immeasurable and too many to list. Yoga overall helps the body and being to become fully integrated towards optimum health and equanimity on a grand scale. People who practice daily experience more awareness, mindfulness and an overall improved quality of life. Yoga can help you to get back into joyful living and alignment towards your higher purpose.

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5 Must Haves Every Girl Boss Needs for Your Home Business in 2019

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She Social Society Stock July 2 copy.jpg

2018 is behind us and we left many things behind as we look forward to a New Year and plenty of new beginnings. With some new resolutions and goals some new gear is always inspiring to help us step up our game in 2019.

Below are 5 must haves every girl boss needs in her home office to make everything just a more stream lined professional. 

Manifest Blank Lined Journal - $6.97

I always believe that what you write becomes real. Writing down our goals, desires and intentions is a powerful way of making those dreams into reality. The best way to do that is by journaling. Take charge of what you want to manifest with this blank lined journal to keep you aligned to your goals in 2019. 

Pink (of course!) Over the Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Every Girl Boss need these pink noise cancelling headphones to listen to your favorite podcast without any distractions. They are soft, comfy and even Bluetooth so you can keep your hustle game strong while looking cute!

Profession Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone

Whether you are recording YouTube videos, podcasts, dictating your next best seller or landing that coveted big interview you are going to want these. Every Girl Boss knows how important it is to have professional sound in your videos and podcasts. This little guy will make sure you sound like you have a whole video editing team.

iPad & iPhone Lightweight Aluminum Tripod

If you are like most Girl Bosses you are on the go and making videos that count. This lightweight portable tripod accommodates your iPhone and your iPad if you want to switch things up a bit. It also comes with a wireless remote and carrying case.

Rotating Mountable Cell Phone Stand

This cell phone holder right here is my absolute favorite! This is perfect if you are an artist, make up YouTuber or food blogger because you can mount this stand onto a desk, counter top or any flat edge. It’s bendable and flexible so you can get the perfect camera angle. It’s also a great to record those lifestyle videos for Instagram stories. You can use this to record videos from your bed, your bathroom, kitchen or you desk. Your imagination is unlimited.

And there you have it! Hope these fun Girl Boss home office tools help you to achieve your goals in 2019 and beyond. Happy New Year!

** Some of the links below are affiliate links that we highly recommend. We may receive a small commission in exchange if a purchase if made via these links which does not incur any additional charges to you. We only suggest products that we have personally used and verified. Please see our Terms & Privacy for more information. **